Trucking information in Edmond, Oklahoma

The Rode Law Firm focuses on helping the victims of truck accidents in Edmond, which is part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area with significant tractor trailer activity.

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Edmond, Oklahoma, Profile

Edmond is located in Oklahoma County, in Central Oklahoma, just north of Oklahoma City. Edmond is well recognized for having outstanding golf courses. The city is host to numerous PGA and celebrity golf events.

While public transportation for Edmond, OK, is provided by Citylink Edmond bus service, Edmond’s highways are the primary mode of transportation. The major roadways in Edmond include:

  • Interstate 35 – runs along the eastern side of Edmond
  • U.S. Route 77 – also known as the Broadway Extension
  • Kilpatrick Turnpike – connects Edmond to Oklahoma City
  • Turner Turnpike – connects Edmond to Tulsa
  • H.E. Bailey – connects Edmond to Wichita Falls, TX

Being in the geographic center of the state, Edmond sees a large amount of truck traffic. Several major highways connect Edmond to Oklahoma City and all parts of the Oklahoma City metro area. Edmond’s11 street-level railroad crossings add significantly to the city’s traffic congestion problems.

Edmond, Oklahoma, Accident Statistics

In Oklahoma County, where Edmond, OK, is located, there were 18,794 crashes in 2010, with 76 fatalities. No crashes occurred on rural US highways in Oklahoma County; 4,268 were on interstate highways; 53 on interstate turnpikes; none on rural state highways; 4 on county roads; 12,589 on city streets; 661 on urban US highways; 1,056 on urban state highways; and 163 crashes occurred on non-interstate turnpikes.

Oklahoma County saw 976 large truck crashes in 2010, resulting in 4 fatalities. The majority of the large truck crashes occurred on interstate highways and city streets.

Trucking Companies in Edmond

The larger trucking companies operating in and around Edmond include:

  • Blackfeather Services, Inc.
  • Delivertime LLC
  • J&T Transport, Inc.
  • Lenon Trucking, Inc.
  • Nemaha Services LLC
  • Busby Trucking
  • Roberts Disposal Services
  • Rojos Trucking
  • Valley West Transport LLC

Additional Edmond, Oklahoma Resources

Rodes Law Office does not endorse any of the businesses below, but provides them solely for informational purposes. If you would like to have your accident related Edmond, Oklahoma business listed here, please contact via email: List my Site

  • Christian Brothers Automotive: You can trust that at Christian Brothers Automotive, your car needs will be taken care of honestly and with superb quality.
  • Advanced Collision Repair Inc: Advanced Collision Repair s a trusted, full-service auto repair and collision repair facility providing top quality car care.

Edmond Truck Accident Attorneys

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