Trucking information in Ponca City, Oklahoma

Residents of Ponca City are at risk from the heavy truck traffic associated with the Ponca City Refinery, as well as other tractor trailer activity in the area.

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Ponca City, Oklahoma, Profile

Ponca City is a city in Kay and Osage counties in north central Oklahoma. Ponca City is home to the Ponca City Refinery operated by ConocoPhillips. It is the largest refinery in the state of Oklahoma and Ponca City’s largest employer. Ponca City highlights include the Pioneer Woman Museum, the Ponca City Art Center, and the Ponca City Cultural Center and Museum.

The major highways serving Ponca City, OK, include:

  • Interstate 35
  • U.S. Highway 60
  • U.S. Highway 77
  • U.S. Highway 177
  • State Highway 11

Ponca City is situated at the junction of U.S. Highways 77 and 177 and is 35 miles east of Interstate 35.

Ponca City, Oklahoma, Accident Statistics

In Kay County, where Ponca City is the largest city, there were 685 crashes in 2010; 4 fatalities occurred. There were 62 crashes on rural US highways in Kay County; 52 on interstate highways; 0 on interstate turnpikes; 16 on rural state highways; 97 on county roads; 304 on city streets; 146 on urban US highways; 8 on urban state highways; and no crashes occurred on non-interstate turnpikes.

Kay County saw 52 large truck crashes in 2010. The majority of Kay County’s large truck crashes occurred on interstate highways.

Trucking Companies in Ponca City, OK

The larger trucking companies in the Ponca City, Oklahoma, area include:

  •   Rondike Trucking, Inc.
  •   Frontier Express
  •   Bowers Trucking, Inc.
  •   Gregg Storage Warehouses
  •   The Running Chef, LLC
  •   Higgin’s Hauling
  •   Harlan Overman
  •   Shelton Horton Trucking
  •   Gene Hambleton Trucking
  •   Dempewolf Moving Storage
  •   Cales Trucking
  •   Dw Hauls
  •   Drisco, LLC
  •   Glen Smith
  •   M R L Custom Hauling LLC
  •   Frontier Express, Inc.

Ponca City Truck Accident Attorneys

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Additional Ponca City, Oklahoma Resources

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