Trucking information in Shawnee, Oklahoma

The primary method of travel through the Shawnee area is via Interstate 40, so residents must contend with the truck traffic in the Oklahoma City to Shawnee corridor. The Rode Law Firm focuses on helping the victims of devastating car and truck accidents in Shawnee and throughout Pottawatomie County from our office in Tulsa.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a vehicle accident in Shawnee, call our Truck Injury Attorneys at 918-599-8880 for a free consultation. It costs nothing to find out about your rights.

Shawnee, Oklahoma, Profile

Shawnee, Oklahoma, is a city in Pottawatomie County, in the Frontier Country region of Oklahoma. Situated in the heart of Oklahoma in an area rich with Native American history, Shawnee is home to the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Cultural Heritage Center. Shawnee is just 30 miles from downtown Oklahoma City and is home to the Oklahoma Baptist University and Saint Gregory’s University.

The major highways serving Shawnee, OK, include:

  • Interstate 40 — most traffic enters and exits Shawnee via I-40
  • State Highway 3
  • US Highway 177

Shawnee is very spread out, encompassing nearly 45 square miles, so traveling by car is the primary mode of transportation used within the city.

Shawnee, Oklahoma, Accident Statistics

In Pottawatomie County, where Shawnee, OK, is located, there were 1,143 crashes in 2010, with 19 fatalities. There were 37 crashes on rural US highways in Pottawatomie County; 137 on interstate highways; none on interstate turnpikes; 60 on rural state highways; 90 on county roads; 375 on city streets; 103 on urban US highways; 341 on urban state highways; and no crashes occurred on non-interstate turnpikes.

Pottawatomie County saw 59 large truck crashes in 2010, with one fatality reported. The majority of the large truck crashes occurred on city streets.

Trucking Companies in Shawnee, OK

Trucking companies operating in and around Shawnee, Oklahoma, include:

  • Gilmore Trucking
  • Earley Enterprises
  • Flour Transport, Inc.
  • Iron Tree Trucking, Inc.
  • OLS Trucking, LLC
  • Vanguard Stimulation Services

Shawnee Truck Accident Attorneys

Accidents involving tractor trailers, 18-wheelers, construction vehicles, tanker trucks and other large trucks are usually devastating for motorists and pedestrians. Protecting the rights of truck accident victims is what we do at The Rode Law Firm. Call the Shawnee truck injury lawyers at 918-599-8880 for a free consultation.

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