Attorney Jesse L. Fettkether

Oklahoma City Accident Attorney Jesse FettketherJesse L. Fettkether, an Iowa native, has set down roots in Tulsa since heading there for law school in 2003, and he’s found a home at the Rode Law Firm since joining it in 2009. Mr. Fettkether received his juris doctorate from the Tulsa College of Law in 2006.  He practiced bankruptcy law and also worked as in-house counsel at a newly founded industrial company. Mr. Fettkether then joined a litigation firm to get more courtroom experience—which is where he met Robert L. Rode, who invited him to join his firm. Fettkether accepted—and he’s never regretted the decision. In large part, he says, that’s because the culture at the Rode firm matches his own beliefs about how lawyers should approach their work. “I really like the fact that the attorneys here are case managers for all the cases,” he says. “We do much more work on each case than lawyers in most firms do.” He also loves the fact that, unlike many firms, the Rode Law Firm is willing to take cases to trial. “It’s nice to work for a firm that will stick up for its clients, even at its own expense, and at the same time gain a reputation, both with the defense bar and the insurance industry, that we will go to the Courthouse for our clients.” Mr. Fettkether points out that even though a plaintiff may not always prevail in court, the fact that the case went to trial likely benefits all Rode Law Firm clients. “Everyone knows there are firms that do not go to court. Every plaintiff should ask their attorney, ‘Do you go try cases?’ And if the answer is no, the insurance company knows that.” “I like the fact that just because an insurance company has billions of dollars, that doesn’t mean they get to tell my client what’s right and what’s wrong. They don’t get to lay down the rules. Of course, it’s easier for them to go to court than it is for us. But every now and then you get to go and fight the good fight.” Mr. Fettkether relishes his role as a zealous advocate for clients who have been wrongfully injured or harmed, but he also enjoys practicing law for the day-to-day variety and human contact that it offers. “There are different people, different activities, and different challenges every day. I don’t do well with mindless jobs and repetitive tasks.” His enjoyment in working with people is also evident in his outside activities. He is a member of the board of directors for TulsaNow, an advocacy organization for urban development, and the Tulsa Art Deco Museum. He’s also active in the Tulsa College of Law’s mentoring program and is a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association Law Schools Committee. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son. He also enjoys sailboating, sport shooting, fishing, barbecuing, hiking, and attending sporting events at The University of Tulsa.